Ace Cold Brew Concentrate

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Ace Cold Brew Concentrate

from 9.00

One gallon of concentrate makes 16-20 cups of coffee, half gallon about 8-10, quart about 4-6. It's all dependent on how strong you like it... we drink undiluted over ice, but our caffeine tolerance is abnormally high.

Brewed stronger than our ready to drink to account for ice/milk/water/etc. Handmade from the same small batch roasted certified organic Peruvian/Honduran Ace Coffee Co. iced coffee blend. 

Jug is good for 30 days cold, but we'll bet it won't last that long once you taste it. 

These are roasted, brewed and packed weekly for delivery, orders placed after Thursday will be filled the following week. 

Unpasteurized - keep cold. 

If sold out email us via contact form and we'll get right back to you. Thank you!

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Local pickup available in Williamsburg - Brooklyn, Union Square - Manhattan and Patchogue - Long Island